i am what i am


Biwei Pan    |    http://behance.net/8g1b

"It’s a simple system created to help people make a sofa or a dormette from their own latex mattress. Photoed by Biwei Pan. Modeled by Hugo Dabin."

Graduated from China academy of art, Biwei has been studying and living in France for 3 years. Biwei is interested in reading and swimming and his motto is “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water”.

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Must have.

Best parents ever.

When my sister told she’s moving in with her boyfriend, i told her this’ll gonna be hard for them. Knowing they are old fashioned, strict and traditional, we needed to prepare them for this big change. When the time comes to tell them, we were expecting they will be angry or worse won’t talk to both of us. But then again their love for us won over disappointment and they just said, “you know what’s best for you and whatever you do we will support you.” we cried and thank them. What else can you ask for?

Working hours…

One thing i dont like about this is i cant do anything other than sleeping and eating… But hey, what more can you ask for?